A340 in the year 2150

Dogwalkers are everywhere because the human fleshbox has a number of things it has to do that are not fun. So when your fleshbox has to go…

A340 in the year 2150 : The Dogwalkers Part 2

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Dogwalkers are everywhere because the human fleshbox has a number of things it has to do that are not fun. So when your fleshbox has to go to the bathroom you jump into another sleeve and have fun there. The market in bitcoins for Dog Walkers is always growing as the Government let’s you breed and grow new humans and flesh boxes at will.

There are rules to how you use the fleshboxes that are carefully transcribed in the scripture of the Adventual.com Abortion is frowned upon as another pebble can occupy the pregnant woman’s body. “Those that play well together grow well together” as the holy script says. A340 is just waking up. He chooses to let himself dream having eschewed the crispr virus upgrade that made sleep unnecessary.

He jumps into his first dootie as the jobs are called. She is a beautiful blonde human with sexy stature and stance. He guides her into the bathroom and begins to do his business. The job can be fun. This gorgeous human is guided by A340 to pee and poop. He observes her legs and her breasts. He would love to meet this fleshbox himself later and makes a mental note that tweets “Sexy se345 appointment with A340.”

SE345 has piqued his interest.

On to the next d00tie. An old man with a dark flesh. It always seems odd that people still love playing in old bodies given that science and crispr has released them from this need. Most fleshboxes do not grow old but instead stay young forever. But it’s none of my business what weird quirks people have. He walks to man to the lavatory and takes a pee.

He hears the chime as the bitcoin is added to his account.

A340 will soon be able to go offline and enjoy a fleshbox of his choosing.

All of his activities are recorded and stored in the deep web and can never be removed publicly available to all as is the mantra set by the Adventual himself. Privacy is frowned upon because it represents redundancy and unhappiness. Your experiences should be shared by all and understood by all. All hail the Adventual!

Ah finally a simple shower gig, AE40 slips into a young asian man who has requested a shower. He can turn down gigs, but the AI is good at knowing his preferences. He’s a vanilla kind of pebble and that for him is comfortable.

Others explore av ante guard realms of the job which can get quite bizarre and creepy. An AI watches over all dog walking and can freeze all motor functions if something out of line with the contract is engaged.

The dog walkers abide by a strict contract that keeps them inline. They are overseen by AI that does the same.

So in this environment what can go wrong?

In deed. What can go wrong. Stay strong and stay tuned. Sing if you must. More is to come and the singularity is near.