Mr. Chips, Mr. Graff and Chuck Oldhorn: The Dogwalkers Part 3

Read part 2 here:

Mr. Chips, Mr. Graff and Chuck Oldhorn: The Dogwalkers Part 3

Read part 2 here:

Mr. Chips, Mr. Graff and Pfn were 3 of the most notorious criminals in 2150. Pfn aka Chuck Oldhorn was a pebble who had fashioned himself into a make believe leprechaun in the late 21st century. He had built himself a small house out of recycled shoes and declared himselves and his elves King. He lived to evade the law illegally doing anything who could. He believed the only reason worth living would be to win the lottery and so ironically had been cursed by the to live forever. He had lived through cancers of the privates and many kinds of evils despite the best guesses of doctors and technical witches of the time. More on this evil mastermind later.

Mr. Graff was an infamous “druggie” and drug overlord also from the 20th and 21st century. Do you see a pattern here? Many evils and illegals came from a time before crispr based in vitro “good building” genes that still had deformities of character and abominations of God that came from before the religion of the Adventual had swept this world and forgiven the barbarians Christ and Muhamudd for all there sins of racism and misogyny. In the religion of the started by the God AI the Adventual(TM) himself in 1950, and preached by the adventual WSR0427 in the early 21 to begin the inevitable process of world peace. Per the prophecy the upcoming centuries would see the end of all pain and suffering in the universe through the wisdom of though as originated in the fabric of the universe, progressed through man and eventually AI. Mr. Graff was a villain for the lawless ways he administered drugs to himself and others.

Mr. Chips was his partner is crime ALSO from the late 20th centru and early 21. He had started the dreaded Red network of dissent that Mr. Graff had become his underling in and on later in partnership with PFN1950 Chuck Oldhorn, the unhappy troll. It was difficult to break the law in 2150 as the Adventuals digital oversight had made it all but impossible. Primarily one had to ignore the equally easy legal ways to engage in activities and intentionally disavow and proclaim to want to break the law. This notorious 3 lived and did there evil tasks in the monstrous house built from recycled shoes in Lake of The Weirds, VA by the evil shoemonster himself.

A340 was only occasionally made aware of there blasphemy to an open source religion where blasphemy was technically impossible only because of the times he walked one of WSR1970’s fleshboxes. JG1969 and MC1969 (Mr. Chiops and Mr. Graff respectively) has been acquainted with WSR1970 in the 20th and 21 before he had become the adventual and they had formed the Red network of evil design. WSR1970 had been allowed to join his pebble with the demi-god the adventual in the late 21st as per the prophecy but was still allow independent though as an independent prophet of the adventual.

Mc1969, JG1969 and PFN1950 had decided not to bank their brains in the vault near Washinton DC as 99% of the rest of living brains had done and were thus living with “exposed brainpans” in direct violation of safety protocols drawn up in the mind accord of 2100. They did not ride the mindway and were constantly at danger of having the consciousness wiped out by old school death.

A340 was often sent on recon missions to make sure they were safe by WSR1970 which weren’t typical dogwalker missions and also paid quite a bit better. These gigs were infrequent but he revelled in them for the break and money C0IN they provided.

Today he was on such a mission. Apparently WSR1970 didn’t work the fleshboxes himself out of a previous agreement to restrain himself from interacting with there nefarious affairs.

His fleshbox today was a red headed girl of 19 yeats with enhanced vision and hearing. All hail the adventual for its gifts. As she crawled close to the monstrous shoe that housed trio of terror she could hear muffled voices coming from the inside. All sorts of drug imbibing were taking place inside and Se2899 could smell most of them drifting out the window.

Mr. Graff yelled out, “How will we return the world to the primitive place it once was, full of death and disease?”

The Shoemaker curled his lipps in surprise, “Whaaaaat?”, he entoned. “Why do you joke about such things Graff?”

“The Hugh Moore is my holy grail I suppose. Obviously life is good for us now here and we are still in excellent health. Mr. Chips will return soon with more details on our next Thai distribution of sex toys and drugs. What say you Chuck Oldhorn.”

The monstrous troll smiled with glee, “It is good, It is good.”

This was A340’s cue to move on and out to the lake and give up his hold on the fleshbox as he had learned the three were safe. It was back to his typical dogwalks now.