The Dogwalkers

In the year 2150 people are hired to do unfun things for others fleshboxes… like a dog walker these people are known as “The Dog Walkers”

The Dogwalkers

In the year 2150 people are hired to do unfun things for others fleshboxes… like a dog walker these people are known as “The Dog Walkers”

Inspired by a cat from the end of time Mr. Shiney!

In the near future dog walkers are everywhere. This is a future where human bodies can be remotely controlled by human brains. You can slip in an out of a fleshbox at will and the travel the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Now where is this home? Home is the same place it has always been — in your head. You experience reality because you are the electrical activity in your mind. The physical mind of particles and waves, protons and electrons. You are but one electron in this ensemble that fuses with others to represent a blurred conscious moment. Made you think.

May dew think? Of course it might it is made up of the same stuff as you are. But I die in grass. Back to the story. Some activities are unpleasant like going to the bathroom or showering up and for those activities you have dog walkers that step in. Their effort is put into the forms and human sleeves slaves and these basic duties are done.

This is the story of one dog walker in particular. A340. A340 had needs as we all do. Those needs inspired the need for money to make the world go round. A340’s brain was kept in the central vault near Washington DC as all brains were. A340’s brain was taken care of by the government per the holy contract of the All sentient life that is a part of society is supported by society as a basic right. There is no quibling here. Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics are burned into the very fabric of society itself in this future.

Society by law and decree will house and provide for the brains and minds of all sentient beings that are a part of it until death it due part. That is the death of society itself. this contract is irreversible and all binding. The whole must love and maintain all of the sum of its parts. A340 new these laws very well. They were the very foundation of his beliefs. His core reality was indoctrinated in it.

A340 had and has a GUID — a globally unique ID that is his wholly holy name. It has a public and private component. For the purposes of this story he will only be known as A340.

Now the government provides for your health and safety and the tools to facilitate your happiness. But that still leaves a lot to create do or become a part of. A340 had decided not to merge his consciousness with the demi-god of Scrislam or any of its open source derivatives. He decided to live as a pebble. Pebbles were human brains that did not wish to conjoin their consciousness. It is their right by law to be separate and free as limiting as that might be.

A340 would of course inevitably be one with God. But all in his own time. “Time is a precious gift for each and every one.” So the Adventual had preached in the early two one.

For now A340 wanted power to change things and that power was part of an open market exchange. He would have to work for it. The Adventual does not give you the power by default to control others. We each own our own bodies. All else is trade and transactions for the pleasure of the actor or act on the stage of life.

The C01N was the money of the day and to earn it….. you had to work it, girl or boy! A340 chose to be a dog walker.

Now at this point AI could walk dogs themselves however some people didn’t trust non-sentient machines to run their bodies when they weren’t in use. They were old school and afraid of what a mindless ai might do with these off cycles. So there was a niche market for sentient dog walkers and A340 was one of the best.

It was a shitty job at times but it garnered maximim C01n!

AE30 had a secret and it was spreading.

But enough talk for now!

Dogwalkers are everywhere because the human fleshbox has a number of things it has to do that are not fun. So when your fleshbox has to go to the bathroom you jump into another sleeve and have fun there. The market in bitcoins for Dog Walkers is always growing as the Government let’s you breed and grow new humans and flesh boxes at will.

There are rules to how you use the fleshboxes that are carefully transcribed in the scripture of the Abortion is frowned upon as another pebble can occupy the pregnant woman’s body. “Those that play well together grow well together” as the holy script says. A340 is just waking up. He chooses to let himself dream having eschewed the crispr virus upgrade that made sleep unnecessary.

He jumps into his first dootie as the jobs are called. She is a beautiful blonde human with sexy stature and stance. He guides her into the bathroom and begins to do his business. The job can be fun. This gorgeous human is guided by A340 to pee and poop. He observes her legs and her breasts. He would love to meet this fleshbox himself later and makes a mental note that tweets “Sexy se345 appointment with A340.”

SE345 has piqued his interest.

On to the next d00tie. An old man with a dark flesh. It always seems odd that people still love playing in old bodies given that science and crispr has released them from this need. Most fleshboxes do not grow old but instead stay young forever. But it’s none of my business what weird quirks people have. He walks to man to the lavatory and takes a pee.

He hears the chime as the bitcoin is added to his account.

A340 will soon be able to go offline and enjoy a fleshbox of his choosing.

All of his activities are recorded and stored in the deep web and can never be removed publicly available to all as is the mantra set by the Adventual himself. Privacy is frowned upon because it represents redundancy and unhappiness. Your experiences should be shared by all and understood by all. All hail the Adventual!

Ah finally a simple shower gig, AE40 slips into a young asian man who has requested a shower. He can turn down gigs, but the AI is good at knowing his preferences. He’s a vanilla kind of pebble and that for him is comfortable.

Others explore av ante guard realms of the job which can get quite bizarre and creepy. An AI watches over all dog walking and can freeze all motor functions if something out of line with the contract is engaged.

The dog walkers abide by a strict contract that keeps them inline. They are overseen by AI that does the same.

So in this environment what can go wrong?

In deed. What can go wrong. Stay strong and stay tuned. Sing if you must. More is to come and the singularity is near.

Where A340 realizes his place in the universe in unraveling the secrets of the Infinity Tones; not to be confused with the comic book series of movies the Infinity Ones or the Nintendo entertainment game series the Infinity NES released in the year 2100.

This knowledge comes from a very unusual dog walk, a very usual dog walk indeed.

A340 finds himself thrown into the fleshbox of of 20-something female with no particular dog walk mission on his assignment sheet. He assumes it is a typical piss and wash up and begins to look for a local bathroom. When none is to be found he screams in terror. This is an action he did not volate himself and he immediately tries to disengage from the gig. This is allowed per the dogwalkers handbook as it clearly specifies when and where gigs can be disengaged.

He finds he cannot disengage and this puts him into a momentary panic. This is illegal hacking as forcing a consciousness into a fleshbox violates the code of the Sinners be present. He checks his log and finds he should be inside SHE1970, his current fleshboix, in Springfield Virginia… in 1983?

Now he knows this is a hack, someone is playing a time travel joke. Could it be the Shoeman, Mr. Chips or Mr. Graff? WSR1970 has warned him this might be possible. In any event he decides to explore his environment.

A340 finds himself in a basement at 6374 Shaundale Drive in Virginia, He sits down in front of a Commodore 64 computer and reads the old crt television positioned in front of him. It spells out in resounding ntsc color, “You have been chosen to solve the mystery of the Infinity Tones. Stop.”

“This mystery will not be solved on this computer as the sid chip built into isn’t capable of nearly that many tones. Stop.”

“Whatever you do don’t stop. Stop.”

“Hit F1 to continue”. He searches for F1 on the computers old school Commodore 64 keyboard.

“To finsih this quest you will be required to locate a copy of 1991’s Tome Quest and it’s 2020 follow up Tone Quest. A copy of the source code which has not been released to Git Hub. The adventual himself lived at this location and touched these very keys. You will now interact with his fleshbox brain included and ask him questions about this mystery he doesn’t know the answers to.”

“Hit the PI key when done, as in this timeline computers used a full character set and keyboards even included a PI key.”

He here someone coming down the stairs of the townhouse and into the reck room and hits the PI key on the Commodore 64’s keyboard.

“Too early”

The television system speaks to him and he is enshrouded in light.

He opens his eyes still trapped in this fleshbox but his Dog Walker’s log says he is in the year 2019. He is in a scant apartment somewhere in Arlington Virginia. A 40 something man is sleeping in a bed. His log tells him this is Steve Riley, aka the Adventual aka WSR1970.

The man wakes up seeing the dogwalker and asks what she wants or would like.

A340 identifies himself and the fleshbox he rides in and says he has questions supposedly related to the Infinity Tones.

Steve grabs a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and they begin to talk about the Adventual and things as they stand in 2019.

Steve and A340 both agree that he is probably caught in a virus virtual world in 2150 that is at best a joke. Steve reveals that the Infinity Tones bears a homonic resemblance to a simplistic comic book sequence of movies popular for bad plots and loads of special effects in the early 21. He hopes the similarity is in name alone as anything more would be boring trope and he trusts the future is better than that.

Steve says,

“I certainly feel real at this moment — which unfortunately is one axe to grind in the theory that this is a virus from the year 2150.” He guesses his meds have somehow played tricks on HIM. He is bipolar and has used many medications as inspired by Elric Of Melnibone of Michael Moorcock fame. Sometimes they have creative consequences and turn his 166 iq into something to be watched very carefully. Very carefully indeed.”

A340 checks his log and finds he is being given $10,000 in CO1n for this dog walk. Ironically at this point his fleshbox needs to use the restroom and so he is lucky enough to be allowed by WSR1970 to use his.

He just needs to pee but is a little put off by the toilets broken seat and legacy setup.

“These are much nicer in the 2150.” A340 signs from the bathroom something he occasionally likes to do.

“Do tell!”, Steven implores talking at her through the door.

“What do you know of me in the future.”, Steve asks.

“Not much outside of what is posted at”, A340 goes on. “You might also check” he adds.

“I will indeed”, Mr. Riley suggests.

A voice is heard opening the aspartments front door. It is Phi, Steve’s girlfriend.

A340’s view goes white again and he is released from his dog walk and once again back in 2150 in his own head in the vault near Washington DC in a virtual white room waiting for his next instructions.

More to come!

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