Rules to Play in the Femdom Game of Moans

While participating in this event/grand puzzle the following rules must be adhered to at all times:

Rules to Play in the Femdom Game of Moans


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While participating in this event/grand puzzle the following rules must be adhered to at all times:

All men should be shamefully naked at all times. In this world men wear clothes only for pragmatic reasons like cold weather otherwise these lucky pets are naked at all times.

All men shall belong to at least one female and serve her every command. Her happiness is all the matters.

Women form a hierarchy of power and own all property and voting rights. Men are literally lucky pets that are milked for sperm when new babies are needed.

The Divine Goddess Jessica currently sits on top of this hierarchy.

Once a year she holds a contest that women can sign up for where they compete in getting their submissive males to do amazing things on video for the ultimate prize.

The rumor is that a crispr virus has been released on April 27th 2019 that makes men feel overcome with the desire to serve women and makes women feel empowered to chattle their men as pets and property.

One woman can have as many submissive males as part of her stable as she wants — their is no limit.

A legal contract is signed and proper neural linguistic programming is engaged to bond the lowly male to the superior female he serves.

A man can never disobey a woman or try to deceive her. Any women on the street can issue a lawful order to man and he must comply unless already on assignment by his mistress.

Men will obey females in the hierarchical order. Even their owners can be usurped by an elevated ring of women in the hierarchy.

The hierarchy of members is public. Women must try to obey and serve their superior women, however they have free wills and can disobey. This guideline is followed very strictly for the harmony of the whole.

Men have ruled the world for quite a while and now it is time for the women to take charge and make things right.

Join the game of moansand know your place in the grand scheme!